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Zoning Feasibility Study for Residential Development in Philadelphia

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"What can we build here?"

Almost everyone involved in real estate development projects asks this very question daily. Well, we have solved it at Designblendz. ZONR is a web application that helps real estate professionals to determine the feasibility of a project "by-right". This simple application will bring extreme value to anyone seeking for the optimal development in the city of Philadelphia. Simply enter a project address, and ZONR will calculate, using proprietary methods we've developed in-house, the maximum unit count, number of floors, average unit size, and building area.

Get to the Data

ZONR gets right to the important information that impacts a real estate development project.

Immediate configuration for maximum unit count and livable square footage everytime.

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ZONR searches the most up-to-date public record in order to provide the best configuration for a property. All you need to know is the address.

Mark your favorite the searches, then access AND modify them later.

We are Architects

ZONR was developed by the team of architects of Designblendz.

Our team studies the zoning code everyday to make sure our clients get the most out of their real estate development project.


  • 10 Searches / month
  • 25 Searches / month
  • Unlimted Searches


  • I want to try it out first, is there a free plan?

    Registering an account on ZONR is free! All users will get 3 free searches upon initial sign up. And don't forget to leave us a feedback here.

  • ZONR could not find my address. Does that add to my search count?

    No. A search is counted only when a valid address is found.

  • Will the unused searches roll over to next month?

    No. Search count will reset to 0 in the beginning of every billing period.

  • How many times can I modify a search result?

    We encourage users to adjust the configuration of their searched properties. Modification to a search result is unlimited regardless of user's plan.

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