An application by Designblendz

"What can we build here?"

Almost everyone involved in real estate development projects asks this very question daily. Well, we have solved it at Designblendz. ZONR is a web application that helps real estate professionals to determine the feasibility of a project "by-right". This simple application will bring extreme value to anyone seeking for the optimal development in the city of Philadelphia. Simply enter a project address, and ZONR will calculate, using a proprietary methods we've developed in-house, the maximum unit count, number of floors, average unit size, and building area.

Stay Tune for More !

Our team at Designblendz believe this is only the beginning of something big. We are excited to publish ZONR independently and cannot wait to keep on adding and improving its functions and featuers. Thank you so much for your interest and hope you will stick with us in the future.

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